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Final debt discharge.

In the event of the final discharge of debts, it is true that you are debt-free after the debt settlement. This means that you go into debt counseling. This is possible both in a voluntary process and in a legal process. In […]

Take out ongoing credit

Borrowing money in the form of a revolving credit is still preferred by a large proportion of the Dutch. Taking out a revolving credit can be a good option if you want to be flexible with your loan. If you want to […]


  Nobody is waiting for debts, but it can always happen that you need money urgently and not this  the bank. Sometimes you just have no money and you leave some bills. Nothing wrong yet, when you can just pay off the […]

Financial assistance with debts

The bills are piling up, you no longer dare to open the mail, the collection agency is on the doorstep.  In short: you have debts and this results in stress and sleepless nights, because where can you turn for help? The municipal […]